Sustainability Policy

This sustainability policy covers the entire company’s operations and all employees.

In our operations, we always strive to affect the environment and climate as little as possible.
Our vehicle fleet is being upgraded towards hybrid/electric cars to reduce CO2 emissions. We work preventively regarding environmental risks and conservation of resources and energy. There is an openness and a commitment to environmental issues that inspire confidence of the operations from both employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Awimex’s management team has the overall responsibility for sustainability work and establishes policies, management systems and guidelines.
All employees are responsible for the compliance with the sustainability management system.

Our sustainability goals are followed up continuously and we analyze the environmental impact of any new or changed processes in the business. Of course, we also follow any laws and requirements that apply to our industry.

We also impose sustainability requirements on suppliers, contractors, and other partners.
We communicate our environmental impact and our sustainability work.


Policy adopted 2018-03-10
Policy revised 2021-03-23
The management team at Awimex International AB