In the event of a complaint and before returning products, contact us at

RMA number, and an RMA form will be supplied via e-mail. This form must be printed and attached together with the return package.

The invoice number or order number must be filled in so that the date of purchase is clear. This because the products in our range have different warranty periods. If a new product is wanted before the defective one is returned and approved, this product will be charged to the customer. Upon return and the complaint approved, and within the valid warranty period, the defective product will be credited. Product returns are approved only after our inspection.

If the product proves to be faultless, the product will be returned to the customer. We therefore reserve the right to charge the customer for new packaging, examination costs and return shipping in cases where the complaint is not approved or when the product turns out to be faultless.

In the event of an approved complaint, the customer is offered a repaired/replaced product, or credit. The customer is responsible for shipping costs of the product to Awimex, Awimex is responsible for the costs of returning the product to the customer.

Awimex does not accept compensation claims regarding travel costs or downtime, only working time for replacing the product. The customer must always contact Awimex before starting such work.

In the event of an approved compensation claim, compensation will be offered in the form of a credit invoice according to fixed prices.

Goods that have been damaged during transport must be reported directly to the transport company when receiving the goods. Any claims regarding compensation must be reported to the transport company.

David Kerwall